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This municipal utility hired TSM Design in 1996 to develop a new brand identity in response to the pending deregulation of the utility industry. More than a provider of electricity, WG&E was an early entrant into fiber optics. The new brand captured the forward-thinking municipal.

After 13 years of working together, TSM Design was asked to brand the G&E. Through our discovery process all involved surmised that the logo was still relevant. However, they needed brand positioning and narrative that reflected the value of this municipal to Westfield residents and businesses. The tagline, “You’ve got the power,” is memorable and a reminder that folks, in 1898, made a wise investment when they established the WG&E.

Although WG&E seldom invested in advertising, the launch of the brand was an exception. This high profile billboard got the attention of Westfield residents.

It was important to WG&E to keep Westfield’s 16,000 residents informed about the municipal’s value to the community. Each quarter we wrote, designed and distributed the Powerline, a print news vehicle designed to keep awareness and, therefore, customer satisfaction percentages high.



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