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    HAPHousing had completed a comprehensive strategic plan. The organization realized its purpose had expanded beyond affordable housing. It was time for the organization to realize one of the plan’s key strategic goals: Develop and launch a new brand that authentically reflects who they are and their expanded role as the region’s premier community development organization. TSM Design worked closely with senior management, an internal brand development committee and key strategic partners. We interviewed the entire organization to gain perceptions, assumptions and buy in. Finally, we presented the finished work for adoption by the board of directors. The result is a new name, narrative platform and visual construct.

    TSM Design developed a robust, branded website for Way Finders that speaks to funders, donors, collaborators and community members as well as provides services through an online housing center. We also created new signage, stationery, fundraising materials, print collateral, digital, print and environmental advertising and more. We are currently developing a marketing strategy and plan for fiscal year 2018.

    “We chose TSM Design from among a group of talented agencies. The reasons were pretty straightforward. We were in the midst of a transition that we hadn’t yet clearly articulated. They quickly got to the heart of the matter. In other words, they got us. Their enthusiasm was contagious. There is no way I could have predicted where our rebranding would take us. All I know is the journey has been a real pleasure and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”
    – Peter Gagliardi, President and CEO

    Ad Club Silver Award
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