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    TSM Design decided to celebrate the firm’s 30th anniversary by supporting an area nonprofit. Everyone at the agency agreed on the Springfield City Library—a 130-year old institution that is so vital to the fabric of this community. Springfield City Library annually serves over 700,000 people. The role of the modern urban library is evolving, and the Springfield City Library works hard to remain relevant. We offered to rebrand the library and begin to reshape the library’s narrative to reflect what many constituents experience and expect from the Springfield City Library. The Library was thrilled to accept!

    Several months of collaborative hard work resulted in a new Springfield City Library brand, manifested in a strong narrative, signage, library card design, print materials and video.

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    Promise Realized – East Forest Park Branch Library Capital Campaign Logo

    Promise Realized Capital Campaign Materials  


    Springfield City Library Logo




     Library Cards

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    Valley Gives Video


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    E-Library Promotional Campaign


    Pocket Brochure

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