Package design is a discipline in its own right. Regardless of the product—kids games or deck screws, product packaging has a serious job to do—sell the product off the shelf.

Oftentimes, there are serious space constraints. Distinctive selling points and a clear hierarchy of information come together naturally in the hands of an experienced designer.

White Lion Brewing Company

  • WL_Variety-Bottles
  • WL_PaleAle-CAPS
  • WL_PaleAle_6Pack


  • overall-chartpak-400x600
  • chartpak-detail-400x600
  • chartpak-detail-2-400x600-3


  • Hasbro-cherryo-box2-600x400
  • Hasbro-cherryo-kit-detail2-600x400
  • Hasbro-cherryo-kit-600x400cm
  • Hasbro-cherryo-puzzle-600x400
  • Hasbro-trivial-box-600x400 cm
  • Hasbro-trivial-cd2-600x400
  • Hasbro-trivial-detail-600x400_retake!
  • Hasbro-trivial-detail2-600x400