Brand Identity System, Print Collateral, Advertising

Nearly 15 years ago, TSM Design was hired to develop a corporate identity for Loomis Communities, the management organization for three continuing care senior living communities. At that time, the organization wished to maintain the distinct brand identities for each of its member communities. Four years ago, Loomis purchased Reeds Landing out of bankruptcy court. TSM Design was once again called upon to create an identity for the new member community.

We convinced the management team to allow us to create a brand identity system for all of the member communities. Each community now proudly bears the Loomis Communities mark, made distinctive by its own color palette. It was a simple, yet powerful solution for one of the hallmark providers of retirement living.

Print Collateral

In one respect, Loomis Communities is in a competitive real estate market. Collateral plays an important role in the selection process. The quality of the collateral is critically important. It carries the Loomis Communities story to a number of people who are likely to be involved in the decision-making including adult children and professional advisors. At the same time, elements of the print collateral communicate the experience, the richness of life, at the Loomis Communities.


There’s a plethora of senior living advertising in the print media landscape. Seniors represent the demographic still reading the newspaper. We tackled the challenge of creating ads as distinctive as the Loomis Communities’ experience by going beyond stock photos of a group of seniors engaged in an unlikely activity. Rather, we told the stories of real residents and their interests. We also created advertising for assisted living that used letters between parent and child to tell the Loomis story. We were mindful of budgets in creating small space ads that were attention-grabbers.







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