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    Two US Naval Academy graduates with expertise in supply chain management and operations for large, multinational corporations wanted to buy a US-based design and manufacturing company. They found Instrument Technology, Inc. (ITI), a 50-year-old company that manufactures a wide variety of scopes for the industrial, medical and law enforcement/military verticals.

    ITI was ready for an infusion of vitality, focus and experience. It was time for the company to reintroduce itself to the market, with a new narrative and visual brand. The owners chose to work with TSM Design.

     The rebranded ITI  honors the talent and commitment of the employees—several who have been with the company for over 30 years—as well as sets a modern, energized course for the future. Recently, the company rolled out the brand at a national trade show with the help, once again, of TSM Design.

     The renewed energy at ITI is palpable, and TSM Design is honored to be part of the company’s next exciting chapter.



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