TSM Design’s Creative Director, Deb Walsh, spent many years designing packaging for Spalding, then Hasbro. Hasbro has continued to call on TSM Design for packaging concepts and identity development. For those with children, many of Deb’s Hasbro designs have surely made their way home, including the Cootie line, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Hi Ho Cheerio and Trivial Pursuit for Kids.

HiHo Cherry-O board game packaging design & featured game components

  • Hasbro-cherryo-box2-600x400
  • Hasbro-cherryo-kit-detail2-600x400
  • Hasbro-cherryo-kit-600x400cm
  • Hasbro-cherryo-puzzle-600x400

Trivial Pursuit for Kids board game packaging & featured game components

  • Hasbro-trivial-box-600x400 cm
  • Hasbro-trivial-cd2-600x400
  • Hasbro-trivial-detail-600x400_retake!
  • Hasbro-trivial-detail2-600x400