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The Harold Grinspoon Foundation is a philanthropic organization established by entrepreneur Harold Grinspoon and his wife, Diane Troderman. The local, national, and international Jewish communities are the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s largess in ways that go beyond donations of money. That said, the Foundation has invested more than $100 million in programs that enrich Jewish life.

TSM Design was hired initially by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to rebrand PJ Library, one of the Foundation’s signature programs. PJ Library connects Jewish children ages 6 months up to age 8 throughout North America with their culture, faith and tradition through the gift of a FREE book mailed directly to the their homes. The name suggests bedtime stories. We developed the brand messaging and creative framework that we then applied to marketing communication materials both to participating families and to partnering Jewish institutions.

We were also asked to create a three-year report for the Foundation, brand a new legacy program, “Life & Legacy” and rebrand the Foundation’s Jewish camp capacity-building program, “JCamp 180.” For each of these, we developed a brand strategy and structure to ensure that the programs looked like they were valued members of the Foundation family.

PJ Library promotional materials


  • PJ-bro-trifold-covers-600x400_CC_cm
  • PJ-spreads-detail-600x400_CC
  • PJ-spreads-detail_girl-600x400_CC
  • PJ-trifold-spread2-600x400_CC_cm
  • PJ-type-detail-600x400_CC
  • PJ-spreads-detail2-600x400_CC

PJ Library Promise poster

  • PJ-poster-reveal-600x400_CC_cm
  • PJ-poster-reveal2-600x400_CC_CM
  • updated-pj-poster-600x400

Life & Legacy identity and promotional brochure

  • L&L-bc-logo-600x400_CC
  • L&L-cover-600x400_CC
  • L&L-pattern-600x400_CC
  • L&L-inside-600x400_CC

JCamp 180

  • JC-logo-detail-600x400_CC!
  • JC-sheets-600x400_CC

Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Initiative accordion card

  • GEI-unfolded-600x400_CC_CM
  • GEI-accordian-detail-600x400_CC
  • GEI-accordian-detail3-600x400_CC