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Crocker Communications, a third generation telecommunications company, began in 1963 as a home-based answering service in Greenfield, Massachusetts. Today, Crocker is a leading regional telecommunications company at the forefront of technology.

TSM Design was hired to develop a brand that reflected the organization. We engaged in a thorough discovery process that uncovered the secret to the company’s unwavering success—a set of core values so ingrained throughout the organization, they are actually part of the company’s DNA. The tagline, “It’s how we’re wired” perfectly sums it up.

Following the successful internal launch of the brand at an employee meeting (a critical first step!), the brand was launched in the market. The integrated, multichannel brand roll out went a long way to increase awareness, position the company and clarify its offering. Since then TSM Design has been retained to develop the website as well as many other marketing communications programs and deliverables.

Brand identity



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Stationery, Brand style guide, Apparel

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Consumer direct mailer

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Interior space

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B2B advertising


Business West Feature article



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