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As Business Risk Partners prepared to celebrate its tenth anniversary, the company founders decided to make an investment in branding. Through our customized brand discovery process, we learned what makes this provider of professional and management liability insurance distinctive.

Smart, capable and technology-savvy, this small player puts risk in its place among more than 100 categories of small business. In the case of BRP, the logo and tagline are both integral to the firm’s identity.


Fresh, modern and functional, BRP relies on print collateral to carry the message to insurance brokers, who in turn share with the insured. Within each category of insurance product, the consequence of doing business without proper coverage is brought clearly into focus followed by the distinctive characteristics of protection underwritten by BRP.


It was important for BRP’s website to make a powerful first impression. The grid design presents discrete, easy to digest bits of information. A slide show of inspiring quotes as well as a real time crawler featuring successful transactions keeps the website fresh and interesting for repeat visitors.



Sales collateral folder

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Brand standards guide





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