Branding, Print, Proposal System

With offices in Boston, Springfield, New York and New Jersey, Barr & Barr is a blue-chip construction-management company with a rich history of high-profile building projects and a distinguished clientele.

TSM Design’s first engagement was to brand an organization whose narrative and imagery the company projected did not live up to its reality. After all, founder Joseph Barr’s first commercial construction assignment was the Time Life Building in 1933. The company embodies the brand positioning The Builders in evidence throughout New England, New York and New Jersey.

The first manifestation of the brand is a robust and powerful proposal system to help secure clients. We developed a standard, yet customizable, proposal framework. Barr & Barr employees were provided tools and training, empowering them to produce high-impact proposals that truly reflect the company, every time.

Finally, TSM Design created a succinct, numbers-based capabilities brochure, that drives home Barr & Barr’s stature as The Builders to hire.

“Barr & Barr has a great story spanning 85 years. Thanks to TSM Design, we are telling it more comprehensively.”

-Steve Killian, Executive Vice President,
Barr & Barr

Identity featuring word mark 


Stationery materials


Graphic language and textures 


Proposal and capabilities booklet

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  • B&B_booklet_cover_600x400cm
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