TSM Design will be virtually everywhere!

As of January 1, TSM Design will begin a new chapter as a virtual agency. That means Deb, Janet, Brittany and Nancy will “connect” to work rather than “connect” at work. We will meet virtually or at one of the local shared working spaces every day. We will be open for business daily, from 8a until 5p.

We’ll continue to meet clients at their offices or at a shared work space. We’ll also continue to use Zoom for meetings involving multiple stakeholders with impossible schedules. Whatever works, we’ll do.

Services in the Cloud have matured to the point where businesses like ours can safely be operated virtually. Slack and Google voice will round our communication connections.

To say that we’re excited would be an understatement. Our future is brighter than ever. During the last several months, we have added five new clients to our roster: Springfield JCC, Crossroads Fiber, Paperboard Packaging Council, The Town of Carver, and Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter School. 

Added to our current clients in the Berkshires and greater Springfield, we will, in fact, be visible all over Massachusetts. For all practical purposes, that is everywhere.