TSM Design Assists VVM with White House Initiative

Springfield, MA (December 8, 2016) — Liz Roberts, CEO of Valley Venture Mentors, is the star of this story. Liz was invited to the White House in October 2016 to work with a select group of angel investors and those working to create more angel and seed capital to identify best practices for stimulating broader access to risk capital for entrepreneurs. An outgrowth of their work was the creation of the Diversify Access to Capital Pledge. Today, more than 30 angel investors, venture capitalists and startup accelerators, representing $800 million, have pledged to increase access to seed and early-stage capital to entrepreneurs from diverse groups.

Here’s where TSM Design comes in. Liz knew in order to get the kind of attention this movement deserved, it needed an identity and website. She knew who to call. “TSM Design is an important partner and champion for VVM’s mission.” Without hesitation, TSM Design volunteered to create a logo and design a simple website for the cause. According to Deb Walsh, Creative Director, “It’s an honor knowing our work was seen by President Obama and that so many more startups will have access to capital.”