Sunshine Village Chooses TSM Design as Rebranding Partner

Springfield, MA (December 17, 2015)—A competitive review process netted TSM Design another win. It was a bit of déjà vu for the branding firm as it had worked with Sunshine Village many years ago. This time the agency was working with Gina Golash Kos and her senior leadership team for what proved to be a robust brand development process. The result is a visual and narrative communication platform that is true to the organization. The agency has subsequently translated the Sunshine Village experience into a brand narrative, logo and creative construct that are being applied to all marketing communication materials.

Sunshine Village truly is a place where everyone shines—clients, employees, families, and volunteers. Although the new brand was internally launched in November, the brand has already taken hold inside the 400-person organization. In fact, the human resources officer is now incorporating the brand in employee recruiting efforts. Job applicants are asked to tell about a time when they helped someone shine. One sign that the organization is fully embracing its brand.