TSM Design Services

What we do.

Our branding process digs deep into the heart and soul of an organization. It requires strategic thinking, discernment, experience and the ability to move an organization to an all-important “aha” moment.

We help our clients listen to, and for, the voice of their constituents throughout our work together. We develop plans and execute creative that fulfills strategic marketing and communication goals.

Our design team pushes creative boundaries to break through the clutter. We strive for outstanding creative that communicates simply, clearly and authentically.

Recent News

TSM Design will be virtually everywhere!

As of January 1, TSM Design will begin a new chapter as a virtual agency. That means Deb, Janet, Brittany and Nancy will “connect” to work rather than “connect” at work. We will meet virtually or at one of the local shared working spaces every day. We will be open for business daily, from 8a […]


What they're saying.

  • “As the relatively new economic development director for six rural communities, I was tasked with hiring an agency to develop a unified brand identity. Neither the towns nor I had ever worked with a branding and marketing agency. None of us knew what to expect. But we took a leap of faith and hired TSM Design. I can’t say enough about the process. We didn’t have the tools to say what we meant. he agency’s skill at facilitating discovery, their empathetic listening and active understanding translated into an authentic brand narrative and visual identity. We definitely made the right choice!”

    - Jeanne LeClair, Economic Development Director Gateway Hilltowns
  • “We chose TSM Design from among a group of talented agencies. The reasons were pretty straightforward. We were in the midst of a transition that we hadn’t yet clearly articulated. They quickly got to the heart of the matter. In other words, they got us. Their enthusiasm was contagious. There is no way I could have predicted where our rebranding would take us. All I know is the journey has been a real pleasure and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.”

    - Peter Gagliardi, President and CEO
  • When we signed on with TSM, we thought we were simply getting new branding and marketing. What we actually got was a powerful thought partner and community ambassador. Through a process that engaged our board, staff and community members, we took a deep dive into articulating our mission, vision and values. Our brand now has impact and exudes the fun, professionalism and community impact representative of VVM. The TSM team are colleagues and partners, who are champions of our organization and mission, taking VVM and Springfield to the next level.”

    - Liz Roberts, Valley Venture Mentors